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Insert title here, so I don't have to

Jul. 20th, 2011 | 11:59 am
location: Finland, Pihlajavesi
music: Konoko nanatsu no oiwaini - Asaki

I kinda tend to forgot I have LJ, probably because I have vuodatus and tumblr... :P

This summer I was at Desucon- again! And the earlier Desucon post (2010) is still at my top page, haha...
I got something sweet

I don't have pics from Desucon, since I decided NOT to take camera with me. But I did have my reasons for that- my own cameras battery is dead and I need a new one. I didn't get one in time for desu, and I didn't want to take my sisters, since it's kinda expensive bluhbluhbluh

Aaaaaaand in animecon I cosplayed John Egbert from Homestuck, but since I'm too lazy to post anything here, go stalk my TUMBLR or Vuodatus (In finnish only, but god, does enyone who doesn't speak finnish even read this? No wait, no one reads this, haha so sad)

Go read Homestuck


Because they're  awesome and all that crap.

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